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Nasal Polyps Treatment Pembroke Pines FL

No Polyps? No Surgery? No, Way!

If your nose is congested and stuffy, it may not just be mucus that is clogging things up.

When nasal polyps are growing out of control inside your nose, all of the typical remedies just won’t help. But there is an easy and non-surgical solution to get you back to breathing better. Dr. Sina Joorabchi from Miami to Hollywood has been leading the way in ear, nose, and throat treatments for years. His expertise extends to everything about how your face works on the inside and that includes treating the growth of nasal polyps safely and effectively with a treatment called Sinuva™. When you bring your problems to Dr. Joorabchi, you’ll find his empathetic style and cutting-edge abilities to be just what you’re looking for.

What are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps occur when your mucus membranes grow excessively. They’re non-cancerous, but they can still cause you problems. Sometimes that can look like a stuffy nose or recurring infections; other times, it can be tenderness or frequent nosebleeds.

We don’t know exactly why polyps grow in some people’s noses, but we do know that there are a few characteristics people who get them have in common. For example, they seem to be more common in people who have allergies or susceptibility to certain infections. Also, it seems like they show up in people with aspirin sensitivity and cystic fibrosis more frequently than others.

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How Can a Nasal Polyp Treatment With Sinuva™ Help Me?

There are a few options available for nasal polyps treatment, and some work better for some people than others. They include a medicated nasal spray on one end and actual surgery to remove the growths on the other.

If you’re not ready for surgery, but want treatment without the hassle of nasal spray, Sinuva™ may be just what you need. Sinuva™ is a medicated device that’s non-surgically implanted in your sinuses. It’s made of a bioabsorbable material that softens after it’s implanted, so most people never feel it. While in place, it releases a corticosteroid (specifically, mometasone furoate) that fights inflammation and polyp growth. It’s left in place for up to 90 days, providing relief you don’t have to think about the whole time. After that, Dr. Joorabchi will remove it and see how you’re feeling.

Who Should Get This Nasal Polyp Treatment?

If you’ve tried other treatments for your nasal polyps but don’t want surgery, treatment with Sinuva™ may be right for you.

If you’re generally in good health otherwise, that’s a good thing. That means you don’t have any major medical issues — things like heart disease or hypertension. Some conditions can be complicated by the use of corticosteroids, so if you have glaucoma or tuberculosis this may not be the right option for you.

And if you’ve shown sensitivity or an allergy to corticosteroids in the past, you shouldn’t use Sinuva™ either. Make sure to tell Dr. Joorabchi about your health history and any conditions you have or medications you take that could create issues. It’s always a good idea to talk to your primary care physician when considering Sinuva™ just to make sure another doctor you trust feels like it’s a good idea too.

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Nasal Polyp Procedure

The entire treatment can be done in Dr. Joorabchi’s clinic in just a matter of minutes.

Nasal Polyp Treatment is non-surgical and pain-free, so you probably don’t even need an anesthetic, but Dr. Joorabchi can give you something to relax if it’s necessary. To install the Sinuva™ implant, Dr. Joorabchi will use an endoscope (a camera on the end of a long, flexible wire) to make sure he’s putting it in the right place.

Then, he’ll use a specialized tool to place the device in just the right spot. As we said, the vast majority of people don’t feel it, and we expect the same for you. Dr. Joorabchi will monitor you for a few minutes to make sure there’s no bleeding or other adverse reaction, and then you’ll be released.

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Nasal Polyp Treatment Results

Most patients who use Sinuva™ start to see results within a few days. They notice a significant reduction in the obstruction of their nasal passages and many even say their sense of smell comes back.

The implant stays in place for up to 90 days — delivering results the entire time — and then Dr. Joorabchi will remove it when the time is right. After that, you can continue Sinuva™ treatment with a new device, or explore other options with Dr. Joorabchi.

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