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When you can’t breathe well, life can be bad. Allergies, infections, and/or irritation can make your nose stuffy and congested all the time.

And when you add in structural causes of nasal obstruction, the effects can affect every area of your life. You may have trouble exercising or just going about your day, and you may lose sleep at night. Fortunately for you, Dr. Sina Joorabchi in Pembroke Pines, Florida can help. He’s been helping people all over the South Florida area for years. His clinic — conveniently located right between Miami and Hollywood — is equipped with all the latest tech to make you breathe better right now!

What is Nasal Obstruction Surgery?

When your nose is clogged or stuffy thanks to nasal obstruction, typical over-the-counter remedies don’t always help. That’s because nasal obstruction usually has to do with the structure of your nose as well, not just inflammation or irritation, meaning a surgical intervention is often necessary.

In cases where your septum isn’t straight, you may have to get significant work done. But if your problem is just some enlarged turbinates, you have some less drastic options. Turbinates (also known as “nasal concha”) are structures in your nasal passage that are there to clean and humidify the air as you breathe it in. They’re complex structures made of bone, cartilage, blood vessels, and mucous membranes that all work together to help you breathe well and keep you healthy when they’re working correctly. In some people, they can become enlarged and cause restricted airflow, thus the need to reduce them. Fortunately, Dr. Joorabchi has a few options for how to do that, and all of them can be done right there in the clinic.

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One option is VivAer™. Instead of an implant, this treatment incorporates radiofrequency technology to reduce the size of the turbinates very quickly and without pain. Dr. Joorabchi inserts a long rod into your nose and presses it against your enlarged turbinates. When activated, the rod emits pulses of energy that stimulate your tissue to heal itself into its proper size and shape.


A great option Dr. Joorabchi uses is LATERA. The LATERA™ is described as an internal breathe-right strip for your nose. The LATERA™ absorbable nasal implant is used to support the lower and upper nasal lateral cartilage. It is placed inside the nose to support the cartilage, reducing nasal airway obstruction symptoms and helping you breathe better. And there is little risk of changes to appearance. The implant material absorbs over approximately 18 months and has an extensive history of use in a variety of medical applications. LATERA™ could be right for you. The procedure is quick, easy and painless.


RhinAer™ is a pain-free procedure proven to provide lasting relief from nasal obstruction to a runny nose. It’s minimally invasive so it doesn't require heavy anesthetics, and it can be done entirely in Dr. Joorabchi’s office. Using technology that’s proven effective in treating other conditions, RhinAer™ aims to decrease the inflammation inside your nose through targeted radiofrequency energy.

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The third option Dr. Joorabchi recommends is a procedure called “submucosal resection of the inferior turbinates” or “SMRIT” for short. A SMRIT procedure involves surgically removing some of the excess tissue that’s causing the turbinates to be enlarged.

It’s similar to surgery for a deviated septum, but it will not change the overall structure or appearance of the nose. During your consultation, Dr. Joorabchi will talk you through all the options and their risks, and also answer all your questions to put your mind at ease. He’s not out to sell you on one particular procedure or the other. His most important goal is finding the procedure that’s right for you and helping you get the relief you need.

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How Can Nasal Obstruction Surgery Help Me?

Whatever method you choose, you’re going to breathe more easily. The choice is simply about how invasive the procedure is and how long the results can last. Dr. Joorabchi will help you make the right decision by listening closely to your concerns and questions and putting his years of expertise to work for you.

The following improvements from Dr. Joorabchi patients include:

  • Less trouble sleeping
  • Reduced nasal blockage or obstruction
  • Reduced nasal congestion or stuffiness
  • Less trouble breathing through the nose
  • Improved ability to get enough air through the nose during exercise or exertion

Eight clinical studies show that LATERA patients demonstrate the ability to breathe better. 9 out of 10 patients who received the LATERA implant were satisfied overall including post-procedure breathing and appearance.

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Could Nasal Obstruction Surgery Be Right For Me?

If you’ve had constant congestion or stuffiness in your nose for a long time, you might benefit from one of these procedures a lot. That’s especially the case if you’ve tried other remedies and nothing has worked.

Dr. Joorabchi will be able to let you know for sure, but, candidates for nasal obstruction surgery are in generally good health. They don’t have any major health conditions like cancer or heart disease. These surgeries can affect blood circulation in the nose, so make sure to let Dr. Joorabchi know if you have any problems with your heart, blood, or circulatory system. We always recommend that — in addition to Dr. Joorabchi’s expert advice — you seek out the opinion of your primary care physician or another doctor you trust. Any medical procedure carries some risk, so it’s always a good idea to have a second opinion to give you peace of mind.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Each type of procedure is similar in that they are going to be modifying some of the internal structures of your nose. They can all be done in Dr. Joorabchi’s clinic in Pembroke Pines, and you can almost always expect to be home at the end of the day of your surgery. They can also all be done using just a local anesthetic, but a general anesthetic may be used in some cases, especially if that’s preferred by the patient.

Once the anesthetic has been applied, Dr. Joorabchi will begin the procedure. For LATERA™, he’ll surgically implant the small rod into the sidewall of your nose, positioning it so it supports the cartilage and opens up your nasal passages. For the VivAer™ procedure, Dr. Joorabchi will use the metal probe to apply radiofrequency energy directly to the enlarged turbinates in your nose. He’ll typically do this to several places along the length of each turbinate to make sure the results are even across the structures. And if you’re having a SMRIT procedure done, Dr. Joorabchi will begin by making an incision along the turbinate and pulling back a flap of the tissue. He’ll then carefully remove some of the underlying bone and/or cartilage, and close the incision when he’s finished.

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And What Will Recovery Be Like?

The extent and duration of recovery depend on which procedure you have done. With all of them, Pembroke Pines nasal obstruction surgery patients can typically expect some temporary symptoms like mild bruising and inflammation as well as light bleeding and drainage. You may experience some mild pain or irritation as well. In general, these symptoms should go away after about a week. Complications included with LATERA™ are rare but can include risks such as awareness of the implant.

Other risks related to the LATERA implant include discomfort, infection, reaction to the material, and device retrieval. With VivAer™, you may also have some crusting going on in your nose for a few weeks after the procedure, but keeping your nose clean with a saline solution and antibiotics will help. And for a SMRIT procedure, you’ll probably have to keep your nose packed with gauze until the bleeding stops after a couple of hours. You shouldn’t experience a lot of pain, and after nasal obstruction surgery Pembroke Pines specialist Dr. Joorabchi will equip you with all the information you need to get your nose healed up nicely. Once you’re fully recovered, you should be breathing better for a long time. The LATERA™ and VivAer™ procedures do have to be reapplied in some cases, but the SMRIT results should be permanent. Doesn’t breathing easy feel great?!

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