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Life can be pretty restricting if you suffer from nasal congestion, hearing issues, or sinus pain.

In Pembroke Pines, FL, right between Miami and Hollywood, Broward ENT & Allergy offers innovative solutions to help you resolve the distraction and mental fog that accompany your ear, nose, throat, and allergy issues. Our services are varied and consist of the latest ENT treatments for Sinus, Allergy, Hearing, Facial plastics, Voice, and Vertigo conditions to ensure your complete care and comfort. Let us help you experience the world more vividly!

Welcome to the Practice of
Dr. Sina Joorabchi

Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor in Pembroke Pines, FL

Broward ENT Doctor Sina Joorabchi

Sina JoorabchiD.O., F.A.O.C.O., F.A.A.O.A.

Dr. Sina Joorabchi is a board-certified Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor and Facial Plastic Surgeon in Pembroke Pines, South Florida.

Dr. Joorabchi completed his undergraduate training at the University of Michigan. Afterward, he obtained his medical degree from Michigan State University. He completed his internship and residency training in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery at the St. John Providence Health System in Madison Heights, MI.

Broward board-certified Physician Assistant Sharon Whitehorn

Sharon Whitehorn, P.A-C

Sharon Whitehorn is a board-certified Physician Assistant who has been working in the field of ENT since 2012.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Florida International University. She completed her training at Nova Southeastern University, where she obtained her Masters of Medical Science.

Broward board-certified Physician Assistant Karilin Campos

Karilin Campos, P.A-C

Karilin Campos is a board-certified Physician Assistant fluent in both Spanish and English.

She was born in Caracas Venezuela and was raised in South Florida. She received her Bachelors degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of South Florida. Karilin then obtained her Masters in Medical Science from Nova Southeastern University. She is committed to providing exceptional care to her patients while keeping up to date with the latest innovations in medicine.

Broward board-certified Hearing Instruments Specialist Raul Plasencia

Raul Plasencia, NBC-HIS

Raul Plasencia is a board-certified Hearing Instruments Specialist with 20 + years of experience.

He has joined South Florida ENT Associates, PA-C & Dr. Sina Joorabchi’s practice to provide diagnostic services, hearing & ear protection and dispense hearing aids. Having worked in the industry and his shared experience as a hearing aid user with patients, makes Raul a very unique professional who works daily to give the best care to his patients and improve the quality of their life. To Raul, it is an honor to help patients to continue enjoying the beautiful sounds of life.

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Our Team

For Broward ENT & Allergy to deliver high quality results, we need a high quality team. Our friendly, attentive staff work with our caregivers and our patients to make sure that everyone has what they need to make each procedure flawless.

Featured Procedures

Our staff is highly trained in many popular treatments

Balloon Sinuplasty RhinAer™ VivAer Septoplasty Latera Allergy Testing

Balloon Sinuplasty

In-Office Sinus Surgery in Pembroke Pines

Balloon sinuplasty can transform your breathing from the comfort of Dr. Joorabchi’s office with no hospital stay required! Dr. Joorabchi uses local anesthetic and an image-guided balloon to treat your sinus issues safely through balloon sinuplasty. Pembroke Pines patients with breathing issues notice a dramatic improvement following their procedures with Dr. Joorabchi!

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pembroke pines sinus surgery patient smiling


In-Office Runny Nose Procedure

We all get the occasional runny nose. But if it seems like your nose is always runny or you are constantly congested, you may need RhinAer™. Dr. Sina Joorabchi uses RhinAer™ to treat persistent runny noses in Pembroke Pines. RhinAer™ is an in-office procedure that treats runny noses through an implant that releases RF energy to stop your nose from overproducing mucus.

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Nasal Obstruction Surgery in Pembroke Pines, FL

When your nose is clogged or stuffy thanks to nasal obstruction, typical over-the-counter remedies don’t always help. Dr. Joorabchi has a few options for relief, and all of them can be done right there in the clinic. VivAer is a treatment using radiofrequency technology to reduce the size of the turbinates very quickly and without pain. Dr. Joorabchi inserts a long rod into your nose and presses it against your enlarged turbinates. When activated, the rod emits pulses of energy that stimulate your tissue to heal itself into its proper size and shape.

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pembroke pines sinusitis treatment patient in a white top


Nasal Congestion Surgery in Pembroke Pines

If you have issues with a deviated septum, including infections, nosebleeds, or difficulty breathing, Dr. Joorabchi can help you breathe easier with a septoplasty in Pembroke Pines. Dr. Joorabchi can solve your issue with surgery, or in some cases, fix the problem with a non-surgical solution right in the comfort of his office!

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Pembroke Pines Nasal Airway Surgery

Dr. Sina Joorabchi and his team at Broward CENTA offer in-office and outpatient options for nasal airway surgery, including Latera. Pembroke Pines patients receive their Latera implants in Dr. Joorabchi’s office in less than an hour, with little-to-no recovery time! If your nostrils collapse when you inhale, you might be a candidate for long-lasting relief through nasal airway surgery.

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pembroke pines latera patient with black hair

Breathe Easier All Year Long

Florida Allergy Testing

Do you know your allergies? Many people who suffer from allergies have only a vague idea of what is making them react. They base these guesses on an experience or two rather than tests. Dr. Joorabchi performs allergy testing in Pembroke Pines to take out the guesswork, so you know exactly what allergens trigger your body’s allergy response (and how to fight back!).

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pembroke pines allergy treatment patient in a white shirt

The TikDoc #ForYourNose

Though we are located In Pembroke Pines, FL, Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor Sina Joorabchi has fans from around the world on social media following his sinus tips and medical explanations on TikTok and Instagram. Stay connected to our practice and get the highest quality ear, nose, and throat support.

Patient Reviews

“He is one experienced doctor. I have seen him for the last 4 years. I recommend him 100% to any parent with children. He is very accurate in his diagnosis and has helped my daughter and son. Would not change him at all. His staff is amazing, the front desk girl is very polite. Thank you for your service. God bless you all.”

“I am a 58-year-old female who struggled with allergies my whole life. I sought treatment from Dr. Joorabchi because I couldn't breathe to sleep. He treated my allergies and recommended surgery to open up my nasal passages. The bottom line is I'm 100% satisfied with the results and couldn't be happier!”

“Great doctor. For years many told me I have allergy problems. A one-hour sinus procedure solved my "allergies" once and for all. Besides being good at what he does, he is a great communicator, which is not easy to find these days.”

“Great doctor. Very helpful and sweet to my son. He helped heal my son's ears. My son doesn't get any infections anymore. I call him an angel to our family. He helped my son very much. His ears drums work well and he can hear clearly and has no pain. I highly recommend Dr. Joorabchi.”

“Dr. Joorabchi was thorough and clear with what to expect from my procedure. There were no surprises, and, although it's only been a week, I'm already breathing better and my sinuses are no longer filled with congestion. The staff at the office are sensational, and they all work together as a team. First time I've looked forward to going to the doctor!”

“I am currently a patient with Dr. Joorabchi. Having been to several ENT doctors in New York and Florida, I can honestly say he and his team are best-in-class; he really takes care of his patients and has great attention to detail and bedside manners. I would highly recommend Dr. Joorabchi without hesitation!”

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If you suffer from persistent congestion or sinus pain, every day feels like a struggle. But there is a way to stop the headaches, the runny noses, and the sleepless nights. Schedule your consultation at South Florida ENT Associates today to get relief from your ENT issues and start breathing freely again.

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