Nasal Obstruction with Latera Technology

The LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant is used to support upper and lower lateral cartilage in your nose. It is placed inside the lateral (side) wall of the nose to support the cartilage, reducing nasal airway obstruction symptoms and helping patients breathe better.6,7 The implant material, which absorbs over a period of approximately 18 months, has an extensive history of use in a variety of medical applications. Talk to your doctor to find out if LATERA could be right for you.


LATERA may help you breathe better with little risk of changes to appearance. 9 out of 10 patients who received the LATERA implant were satisfied overall including post-procedure breathing and appearance.

8 Clinical studies show that LATERA patients demonstrate:

  • Reduced nasal congestion or stuffiness
  • Less trouble breathing through the nose
  • Improved ability to get enough air through the nose during exercise or exertion
  • Reduced nasal blockage or obstruction
  • Less trouble sleeping

Risks included temporary symptoms such as:

  • Mild bruising and inflammation
  • Awareness of the implant
  • Mild pain or irritation

Other risks related to the LATERA implant included:
discomfort, infection, reaction to material, and device retrieval.