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By Broward Center for Ear Nose Throat & Allergy
September 21, 2018
Category: ENT
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Dizziness is a feeling of light-headedness and imbalance. Some patients report that it feels like their heads are “swimming” while others say they feel disoriented. It may be accompanied by nausea, headache, and fever. If you're experiencing similar symptoms, find out whatDizzy Man may be causing your dizziness and get a final word from a doctor at South Florida ENT in Pembroke Pines, FL and serving the Broward County and Hollywood, FL, areas. 

Possible Causes of Dizziness
A feeling of dizziness is most often caused by a problem with the ears, because they are a part of the system that helps you maintain your balance and focus. The occasional dizzy spell may be harmless, but when it happens over and over, especially in a short period of time, it may be a symptom of a more concerning condition. These are some possible reasons why you may be feeling dizzy:

- BPPV (a type of vertigo caused by small calcium deposits in the ear).
- Inner ear inflammation.
- Acoustic neuroma (a growth in the inner ear).
- Meniere's disease (causes extended dizzy spells).
- Dehydration (lack of sufficient fluids in the body).
- After effects of a head injury.
- Migraines (intense headaches; ringing in the ears).

When You Should See a Doctor
A doctor at South Florida ENT in Pembroke Pines, FL can help diagnose the cause of your dizziness. If you feel dizzy for more than a few moments or you suddenly faint, seek help as soon as possible. Feeling like the room is spinning around you is a sign of a potentially urgent issue. Other additional symptoms to look for include vomiting, fever, vision issues, speech problems, and numbness. If the dizzy spells are interfering with your ability to work, study, or participate in other normal daily activities, that should prompt you to visit an ENT as soon as possible.

Treating Dizziness
The treatment for dizziness will depend on the cause. In some cases, the recommendation will be bed rest while in other cases your Pembroke Pines, FL doctor will need to start you on a course of medication. If it's an ear infection, antibiotic treatment may be the solution. Though Meniere's Disease doesn't have a cure, symptoms can be managed with behavioral modifications and medication. A therapy to move calcium crystals into a better position may help patients with BPPV. Surgery may be required in some cases.

Schedule an Exam
If you're frequently feeling dizzy, this isn't a symptom that you should ignore. Talk to a doctor at South Florida ENT in Pembroke Pines, FL and serving the Broward County and Hollywood, FL, areas to discuss possible causes. Call (954) 438-7171 today to schedule your visit with Dr. Craig Shapiro or Dr. Sina Joorabchi.

By Broward Center for Ear Nose Throat & Allergy
February 22, 2016
Category: ENT
Tags: Dizziness  

Walking, driving, reading--it's hard to do the things you need to do when you suffer from chronic dizziness. Ear, nose and throat doctors Craig Shapiro, DO, and Sina Joorabchi, DO, of South Florida ENT in Pembroke Pines, treat dizziness and share information about its common causes.Migranes


Chronic dizziness can be a problem if you have a infection of the vestibular nerve in your inner ear. It can also occur if you have a chronic sinus infection.

Medication side effects

Feeling dizzy can be a side effect of some medications, including tranquilizers, antidepressants and anti-seizure medications. Often, adjusting the dosage can help alleviate the problem.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

Known as BPPV, this condition causes dizziness during a sudden change in head movement. It often occurs if you've had a blow to the head, but can also happen if you sit up or lie down quickly.

Meniere's disease

Meniere's disease occurs when too much fluid accumulates in your inner ear. If you have this disease, it may feel as if your ear is clogged, and you may experience hearing loss and ringing in your ear, in addition to dizziness.

Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders cause a variety of physical symptoms, including dizziness, upset stomach, pounding heart and headaches.

Problems with blood pressure and circulation

Chronic dizziness can occur if your blood pressure drops too low or your experience a circulation problem, such as a heart attack or arrhythmia.


Dizziness is a common symptom during a migraine attack, but some people also feel dizzy when they're not having a migraine.

Low iron or blood sugar levels

When your iron or blood sugar level drops too low, chronic dizziness can be a symptom. If low iron is the problem, you may also experience weakness and fatigue, while sweating and anxiety may occur if your blood sugar is low.

Because chronic dizziness can be a sign of a serious condition or disorder, it's important to determine the cause as soon as possible. If dizziness affects the quality of your life, Drs. Shapiro and Joorabchi, your Pembroke Pines ear, nose and throat specialists at South Florida ENT, can help. Make an appointment with them by calling (954)438-7171.