By South Florida ENT
February 25, 2015
Category: ENT
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Find out how this fast, non-invasive procedure could diagnose your ear, nose and throat problems.

Next time you are experiencing any sinus-related symptoms, don’t worry that you may have to sit through various, time-consuming diagnostics before you get an answer to your problem. Instead, let your ENT in Hollywood FL pinpoint the problem right away with one simple test.

What is a mini CT scan?

A mini CT scan, or CAT scan is similar to an X-ray in that it snaps images of the inside of the body to diagnose certain conditions. A CT scan can be used to pinpoint fractured bones, tumors, injuries, bleeding and diseases. A mini CT scan can also detect the same abnormalities but significantly faster. In fact, a mini CT scan is the quickest way for your Hollywood, FL ENT doctor to diagnose sinus-related disorders and issues.

How does a mini CT scan work?

Traditional CT scans require the patient to lie down in a machine, which can cause some people to feel claustrophobic. However, a mini CT scan eliminates this concern, as patients only need to sit down to be scanned.

This arm-like machine will make one rotation around the patient’s head to capture the images it needs for your Hollywood, FL ENT to make a proper diagnosis. Then images will be immediately uploaded onto the computer for us to assess.

What are the benefits of a mini CT scan?

The biggest benefit is that the scan only takes about 40 seconds for adults and even less time for children. This is a particularly great option for children who are nervous about having any test performed. Furthermore, a mini CT scan removes the need for a closed machine, which can feel uncomfortable and cause anxiety in some patients.

Since the results are automatically sent to the computer, this allows your Hollywood, FL ENT doctor to immediately detect the cause of your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan faster. This ultimately means less time spent in the office.

And for those patients who are concerned about the radiation levels that these types of diagnostic tests emit, you will be happy to know that these mini scans actually emit about 90 percent less radiation than regular CT scanners.

If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms then it’s time to schedule an appointment with your Hollywood, FL ENT doctor, Dr. David Jassir. Let South Florida ENT Associates get to the bottom of your problems.