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December 11, 2015
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A sore throat is mostly an annoyance at first, but when it is severe it can disrupt your life, making it difficult to eat, talk and sleep. It is a condition that often brings patients to the Broward Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy in Pembroke Pines during the cold season. Here are a few tips for how to prevent sore throats this winter.Sore throat

What Causes a Sore Throat?
The usual cause of a sore throat is some type of an infection that’s trying to take root. When it is due to a cold or flu virus, it’s usually accompanied by other symptoms, like continual sneezing, coughing and runny nose. Sore throats may also be caused by strep—it is a bacterial infection that causes patches to develop on your tonsils and lymph nodes. Strep throat is most common in young children, but it can happen in adults. A store throat can also develop over time due to acid reflux or some type of allergic reaction.

Sore Throat Prevention
Many patients experience sore throats in the wintertime because the cold weather makes them more vulnerable to viral infections. Here are some suggestions that will help you prevent getting a sore throat:

  • Cover your neck and head completely when going outside in cold weather.
  • Avoid people who already have a sore throat or cold and flu symptoms.
  • Be meticulous about hand washing and sanitizing your things (laptops, remote controls and cellphones).
  • Limit your use of public phones and avoid drinking behind other people (including children) who may have a cold.
  • If the sore throat is due to an allergy, talk to your Pembroke Pines ENT to identify the source of the allergic reaction.

Sore Throat Treatments
In some cases, you can ease the discomfort of a sore throat by drinking a hot cup of tea with fresh lemon and honey, and with bed rest. But if that doesn’t work after three days, it may be time to see your Pembroke Pines doctor for a checkup before it gets worse. Your doctor can take a closer look at the problem to see if there is inflammation or an infection that could get worse. If you have a fever that lasts for more than two days, you should call for an urgent appointment.

Schedule a Checkup
If you haven’t been to the doctor in a while and have been dealing with a sore throat and similar symptoms of a winter cold, it may be time to see your doctor. Call the Broward Center for Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy in Pembroke Pines, FL today at (954) 438-7171 to schedule an upcoming visit.