The in-office Sinus Balloon is a breakthrough innovation used to treat patients with Chronic Sinusitis. Unlike traditional surgical tools, the image-guided balloon requires No Cutting or Removal of bone or tissue.

  • Uses a small image-guided balloon to open inflamed sinuses
  • Less Invasive, so Less Bleeding
  • Faster Recovery - Return to Work Quicker
  • No General Anesthesia

Below is a Video of the Actual Procedure at our Office, ENJOY!

Could your constant headaches be due to sinus problems?

Headaches are a common issue that happens to all of us at some point during our lives; however, if you are experiencing deep and persistent headaches then you may want to take a moment to consider whether sinus problems could be the root cause. Dr. Joorabchi offer the latest advances in sinus treatment in order to combat the problem.

Sinus Headache Symptoms

If your headache is a result of a sinus infection or inflammation in the nasal cavities then you will most likely experience the pain and pressure around the sinus area. This means your headache pain will most likely occur in the forehead or behind the eyes. You may also notice that your headache gets worse when you change positions or bend over. Along with a headache you may also experience a stuffy nose, cough, sore throat or nasal discharge.

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