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June 21, 2017
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Your body is a complex structure. Visual examination often cannot render enough information for your Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, mini ct scanFL, ENT (also serving Hollywood) to make the right diagnosis and to plan treatment for your sinus, hearing, allergy or other ear, nose and throat problems. At the Broward Center for Ear, Nose Throat & Allergy, Drs. Shapiro and Joorabchi offer their patients superior diagnostic techniques that are precise and as minimally invasive as possible. The Mini CT Scan is one of them.

What is a CT scan?

CT stands for Computerized Axial Tomography. A CT scanner produces a multitude of cross-sectional images of a particular part of the body such as the brain, sinuses, liver and other hard to visualize areas. Through assembling these digital images, or slices, into one composite picture, your Pembroke Pines and Hollywood ENT sees these hidden areas in three dimensions. Also, the images highlight structures, such as large blood vessels, that conventional X-rays do not show.

CT Scans are quick and painless. Plus, they avoid more invasive procedures such as exploratory surgeries. However, CT Scans do have the disadvantage of exposing patients to varying levels of radiation. This fact particularly concerns physicians when their patients are children or pregnant women.

How does a mini CT scan work?

To further simplify the CT Scan procedure and to reduce radiation exposure, Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Joorabchi offer innovative Mini CT Scans. Manufactured by Xoran Technologies, the Mini CT apparatus has an open design which patients like and a quick scanning time of 10 to 20 seconds. It uses only 1/20 of radiation of conventional machines, and the results are immediate.

Faster scan results mean:

  • Quicker diagnosis
  • No waiting for results
  • Immediate treatment when needed

Many ENT physicians use Mini CT Scans to guide them during surgeries such as balloon rhinoplasty, an in-office surgery which opens blocked and inflamed sinus passages for people with chronic sinusitis.

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The professional team at Broward Center for Ear, Nose Throat & Allergy in Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, FL, take great pride in providing the most up to date ENT techniques along with compassionate, patient-centered care. New technology such as the Mini CT Scan is just one of a wide variety of services this experienced practice offers you for the relief of sinus disease, allergies, headaches and more. For more information, call the office at (954) 438-7171.